(Spoiler warning for a Most Wanted mission in Ba..."/> (Spoiler warning for a Most Wanted mission in Ba..."/>

In Batman: Arkham Knight, Halloween Secrets Come Early


(Spoiler warning for a Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight)

Whenever you start messing around with clock-based secrecy in games development, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility that someone will discover your hidden surprises early. It appears as though a Halloween Easter Egg for Batman: Arkham Knight has already been discovered in July, as someone manipulated their PC’s clock in order to uncover what was awaiting honest players on October 31st. You can also do the same on your console, but seeing how this video is in 60 frames per second, it’s safe to say the video’s creator is playing on a computer.

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While it isn’t nearly as clever as the mysteries surrounding Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City (who may be one of the worst-named characters to come from a comic book series), this Batman: Arkham Knight secret requires you to undergo the “Creature of the Night” mission of the Most Wanted collection, and capture the Man-Bat. While most entities that are locked up in the Gotham City Police Department stay there in this game, when flying around on Halloween the Man-Bat will give you that same terrifying jump scare that you will receive the first time you encounter him.

Going back to the maximum security lockup in Gotham City’s Police Department, it becomes clear that the security isn’t as maximum as one would hope. The Man-Bat has broken out of his encasement, making for one of the lower-key secrets likely to be uncovered in Batman: Arkham Knight.

What’s happening, Rocksteady? Your Easter Eggs used to be so good that you had to tell people about them a year after your games released because they weren’t found on their own. Even the Calendar Man stuff required some out-of-the-box thinking! That said, Batman: Arkham Knight is just under a month old. I hope there are some more dedicated mysteries and secrets left to be discovered, as they are some of the more intriguing discoveries made in video gaming today.

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