Devil’s Third Will Come To Wii U & More Late This Year


Finally, after weeks of speculation over Nintendo’s handling of Tomonobu Itagaki’s latest game, we finally have some answers. However, the story surrounding the news leads to more questions. Nintendo has confirmed in a press release that they will be publishing and releasing a Wii U version of the game in the Americas during Q4 2015. Additionally, the developers at Valhalla Game Studios will also be releasing a truncated version of the game themselves for the PC platform.

This PC release of Devil’s Third will be a free-to-start multiplayer experience, whereas the Wii U version of the game will be receive everything currently in development for the title. That includes a full multiplayer mode in addition to the game’s story mode, implying that the PC version will likely limit the scope of its content in order to have consumers buy into the full experience after a certain amount of gameplay.

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Considering the fact that most outlets that had preview experience with Devil’s Third panned it on a numerous amount of different criteria, I’m not surprised Valhalla will be going with a free-to-start PC release of their own in the region. Once you drop a set amount of funds into a game that looks like it wouldn’t nearly make its money back on a platform that is dead last in current-generation console sales, you have to go down some dark roads in order to make it back to where you started. At least we know a rought timeframe for when we can expect to try out Devil’s Third for ourselves!

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