New Street Fighter V Character Necalli Announced


Just before Ultra Street Fighter IV Top 8 play commenced to cap off an excellent Evo 2015 tournament event, Capcom executives came out on stage to announce a new character joining the roster. Donning gloriously long red locks, Necalli was announced as the newest Street Fighter V character to the faithful fighting game community crowd in the audience and to those at home. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Blog went into detail about this new challenger, and exactly what his attacks can do to what varying degrees.

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At this point in time, there’s not much to know about Nicalli’s story within Street Fighter V, but its his fondness for the Dragonball Z-like moves and familiar aesthetic styles that makes this character interesting. His V-Skill is “Culminated Power,” where he bashes the ground with both fists to cause a ground explosion in front of the player. Depending on where you aim the analog/joystick (right for farther, left for closer or neutral for mid), you can aim the distance of the explosion. This will allow Nicalli to put pressure on players granting distance, although a miss may open him up.

It appears Street Fighter V will let its combatants enter Super Saiyan mode, as Nicalli’s V-Trigger in “Torrent of Power” gives him a boost of energy, flows his muted red hair into a vibrant flow and puts the character into an altered state. In this presumably timed state, Nicalli is opened up to new combos, altered frame data and a new Critical Art in order to press the advantage in his favor.

Street Fighter V will be released on PC and PS4 by Spring 2016.

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