Massive Witcher 3 Patch Available Now


A massive Witcher 3 is out today, and it fixes a huge number of big and small issues that have been plaguing adventurers ever since the game came out in May.

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This latest Witcher 3 patch weighs in at an astounding 7.5 gigs, so depending on your internet speed and network, you may want to put off any plans on playing the game today (my download on PSN lists it at over 3 hours currently). While this patch fixes the usual random glitches and quest bugs that seem to constantly need addressing big changes include alchemy ingredients having no weight, a “player stache” where you can store items and pick them up at various spots in the world of Witcher 3, adding a “books” tab and marking out things you’ve already read along with new movement animation for Geralt. Gamespot has the full list of fixes and additions.

As I’m slowly closing in on the end of Witcher 3 and getting very close to my weight limit (even with upgrades), most of this is pretty darn useful. Witcher 3 is out on Xbox One, PC & PS4 now and is easily one of the best games of the year if you haven’t picked it up yet.

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