Jade Raymond Joins EA To Helm New Motive Studios


When Jade Raymond left both Ubisoft Toronto and the company at large late last year, there was speculation over what would be her next move. As the months went by without a peep, that speculation would quiet down. You have to wonder no more, as EA has announced the opening of Motive Studios in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with Jade Raymond leading the team.

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Motive Studios appears to be a creative hub that will aid the development of several high-profile game titles. Currently, Motive will be working with BioWare on Mass Effect: Andromeda, but Jade Raymond will not be strictly tied to this new venture. She will also be overseeing production at Visceral in California, and will work with Amy Hennig on the new Star Wars video game project. Scott Probst will remain as the GM of the studio.

This is a great get for Electronic Arts, bringing back Jade Raymond after helping to produce The Sims Online. Her experience in producing the early stages of the first two Assassin’s Creed titles has helped establish an ongoing, annualized franchise that has brought in huge success for Ubisoft, which I’m sure EA will hope to see replicated. It will be interesting to see how Motive Studios’ role will be established in the early going, and whether or not it, too, will handle its own IP like Ubisoft Toronto did after years of helping punch up projects at partnered studios’.

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