Batman: Arkham Knight PC DLC Delayed As WB Fixes Issues


It’s been almost 3 weeks since Batman: Arkham Knight was released in a broken state on PC, with just over 2 of those weeks being after the Steam release was discontinued. While Warner Bros is working with Iron Galaxy Studios to correct the amalgamation of problems plaguing the PC platform, some had been wondering how Warner Bros. would be prioritizing their output with 6 months’ worth of DLC content coming up. Have no fear, as a community admin post on the Warner Bros. forums relays the news that the PC DLC of Batman: Arkham Knight has been suspended until the entire game is in working order.

“Our continued focus on getting the right PC fixes in place for the main game has had an impact on the development of all DLC content for the PC version of the game,” community admin Yorick says. “This means that the Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will not be available on July 14th for those who are currently playing the PC version of the game. We apologize for the delay and only want to make sure that any content that we offer is up to the standards that PC players expect.”

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Additionally, Warner Bros. says they will be making changes to the internal review process for all Warner Bros. games, not just Batman: Arkham Knight.  The two statements are a sight for the sore eyes of the Batman Arkham series of titles, as even the previous game in the franchise, “Batman: Arkham Origins,” was rife with game-breaking bugs. At the time, Warner Bros. had publicly declared they would be prioritizing monetization of the game such as DLC instead of, you know, fixing a self-admitted, issue-laden video game. To see a complete reversal of priority is quite refreshing, and no doubt lends thanks to the perfectly-timed implementation of Steam Refunds. It will be interesting to see if other companies that release blockbuster video games entries that are broken at launch on the PC will follow suit.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. The “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” DLC will go live to PS4/Xbox One Season Pass owners on Tuesday, July 14, while it will be released a week later as standalone DLC.

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