Xbox One Backwards Compatibility May Bring On Burnout Paradise


Burnout Paradise may soon be joining games such as Mass Effect and Banjo Kazooie in Microsoft’s quest to offer backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

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Much was made about Microsoft’s commitment to backwards compatibility at E3 this year, however the list of games featuring the notable additions above is rather sparse. Microsoft has vowed to get that list to over 100 games by this holiday season. While some publishers have provided lip service to supporting the idea, not many currently have any plans to all out support the initiative.

Enter Criterion Games, they are apparently in the works to get Burnout Paradise added to the 360 backwards compatibility catalog. This would be a win for so many reasons that I shall list now:

  1. Burnout Paradise is awesome and everyone should have a chance to play it.
  2. Burnout Paradise is an older game so it often goes on sale to be very cheap which means everyone should be able to afford to play it.
  3. An active player base on Burnout Paradise which is awesome, but is also old could possibly mean the servers stay up longer which means more people can play it longer

I think you get the point. If Microsoft can make this work, it will be a great look for racing game fans, destruction fans, online preservation fans, and just fans of being fans.

Let’s not hold this process up, EA!

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