Street Fighter V Adds Ken To The Roster


Are you pumped for Street Fighter V? I do not even play a lot of fighting games and I am pumped for Street Fighter V.

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Look at this trailer up above. Ken, coming equipped with locks that would make the Ice Queen and Rapunzel jealous, looks like an absolute monster in this game. Coming equipped with his standard fire attacks from previous games, Ken shows off some of the enhancements to his moves that Street Fighter V is adding into its combat system.

All puns intended, this trailer was all flames. If I could, I would put in flame emojis. I’m feeling fiery.

These puns! These puns! These puns are on fireeeee! We don’t need no water let these puns burn!

Let us know what you think of the Masterful new addition to the Street Fighter V roster? Ok, I promise that was the last one.

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