PSN Users Clamoring For PSN 2.0 With #BetterPSN


It seems consumers are getting more and more restless with the state of PSN on the PlayStation platforms. A new survey and online hashtag was started in the last couple of days asking Sony to finally add many features people already enjoy on other services.

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Sony really stepped into it this week with a recent PSN outage. While many services were suffering outages of some kind this week, see the WSJ and Wall Street themselves, PSN also went down for a couple of days after the latest PS Plus announcements went live. As a PSN user, I can tell you this is obviously not the first time PSN has suffered such an outage. However, this is the first time in recent history, meaning this year, the service has been down for such an extended period of time.

As of Tuesday, the service was experiencing issues, but as of last night I was still unable to connect to PSN from my system despite the PlayStation website displaying the service was operating properly. With this development, many of the PS4 users, who may or may not have lived through the outages during the free online connectivity era of PSN, have put together a website featuring all of their requests. There is also a dedicated NeoGAF thread, where many of the ideas have been molded from those posting suggestions.

#BetterPSN is the hashtag featuring the new feature requests users would like to see forwarded to PSN. While the updates to the main PS4 UI have been announced and implemented over time, the updates to PSN have been very slow to follow in their footsteps.

For myself as a PSN owner, the biggest thing I would like to see Sony improve is the addition of Two-Factor Authorization for security purposes. Every website that stores any information for you should offer this feature. Help us protect ourselves, PlayStation!

Some of the other features would just be making PSN a bit more modern and up to date with other notable online services such as Xbox Live and Steam:

  • The ability to play a game online while invisible to friends
  • PSN status symbol on the XMB to know when the system is experiencing issues
  • The long requested ability to change your username

There are more suggestions you can find on

On Sony’s behalf, they released a statement:

“Feedback from our community is very important to us and helps guide our ongoing commitment toward making PlayStation the best place to play. We encourage users to submit ideas on ways to improve PlayStation products and services here: We appreciate the dialogue we have with our gamers and have built and improved features based directly on their input.”

What do you think of this campaign? What features would you like to see Sony add to PSN?

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