5 Reasons Why You Need EA Access For Your Xbox One

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EA Access is packed full of discounts for games and DLC. The service offers a flat rate of 10% off all digital purchases.

Digital orders and pre-orders take advantage of this benefit, so if you are the type who has converted your library to an all-digital lineup, you’ll certainly benefit here. Even though the digital titles on the Xbox store are questionably priced, there’s normally at least $5 off each digital game purchase through EA Access.

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For those of you who love to stock up on Battlefield DLC or extra content for your other favorite games, the discount applies there too.

And then there’s that money-making behemoth, Ultimate Team. Yes, the discount even applies for purchasing those addictive Ultimate Team points that have worked wonders for EA’s profits over the last few years.

Depending on the type of gamer you are, this will either be a handy benefit, or a needless addition. Either way, it’s better to think of the discounts as a welcome extra for the EA Access package.

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