WWE 2K16’s Cover Star Is Opening Up A Can Of Whoop-Ass


Its official, WWE 2K16’s cover star will be none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. The news was announced this morning in a press release by 2K games. The announcement featured a comment from Stone Cold himself.

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“No disrespect to the previous and extremely deserving WWE 2K cover Superstars – Dwayne ‘The Rock®’ Johnson and John Cena® – but it’s about time the franchise raised some hell with yours truly on the cover. I look forward to injecting a dose of ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ into this year’s game and overall campaign.”

Additionally, the Rattlesnake will also be involved in other projects for WWE 2K16. Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K, confirmed that Steve is “involved in shaping it’s creative direction”.

As a long-time fan of the WWE, it’s fantastic to see Stone Cold on the cover, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest legends to ever set foot in the squared-circle. Still, I can’t help but think that it would have been nice to see the current generation of Superstars being represented.

With so many possibilities, from current WWE Champion Seth Rollins to Brock Lesnar, 2K appear to be leaning towards the WWE’s past glories, despite the high quality of WWE’s recent programming, including the revolutionary NXT brand.

Maybe I’m being unfair. Stone Cold will sell copies on his own and it’s rumored that he’s got his own mode in the upcoming game. He’s also a recognizable face for all ages, and he’s done nearly everything that can possibly be done in the WWE, including three Royal Rumble wins, 21 championships, and an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2009.

We still don’t know much about the actual game yet, and we’ve only had a few roster announcements so far, including NXT’s Finn Bálor.

WWE 2K16 will be available on October 27th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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