Until Dawn Has 8 Characters But 12-Player MP? UPDATE: NO MP


Until Dawn, the PS4 exclusive horror game from Supermassive Games, doesn’t seem like the kind of game that would support a multi-player mode. But it’s going to have one.

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VG24/7 is reporting that Until Dawn will have a 12-player multi-player mode. Aside from how this even works, Until Dawn only has a cast of 8 characters, maybe 9 if you include the killer (and the killer isn’t one of the primary 8 characters). So who fills in those other slots? Is it just some generic teens or special characters exclusive to the multi-player mode?

Honestly I’m still more concerned with what this multi-player mode even is. Until Dawn‘s cinematic style of gameplay doesn’t seem like it would work for any kind of multi-player mode, so at least until we know what this is and if it actually makes sense and works, it seems like something desperately shoehorned into the game that has no place there. It also seems suspicious that the game is out next month (August 25th) and this is the first we are hearing of this. Maybe they’ll release a trailer or something explaining it soon, but I’m pretty skeptical.

UPDATE: SCEE has clarified that the mp mode for Until Dawn was listed in error.Until Dawn is single-player only. Sounds like a bullet dodged there frankly.

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