More Than 1 Million A Kid Now & A Squid Now In Splatoon


When you have a severe shortage of games being released on a games platform, mixed with the release of an excellent title just at the right time, great things can happen for software sales. Splatoon has enjoyed such success in its early going, as roughly 10% of all owners of the Wii U worldwide now own the ink-based, third-person shooter. 1 million units, to be exact, as officially confirmed by Nintendo of America on Twitter.

They also sent out a press release, breaking down the Splatoon sales by region. According to their internal numbers, more than 476,000 units, both physical and digital, were sold across the Americas. Meanwhile, more than 368,000 were sold in Japan alone, more than 230,000 across the European countries and 20,000 units coming from Australia and New Zealand. Likely this accounts for units sold to retailers (with digital sales counting as sold-through to consumers), however it is still a remarkable feat for a new Nintendo IP released just 2 weeks before E3 2015.

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That’s not to say Splatoon doesn’t have some minor issues. The biggest one, personally, is the trickling out of gameplay content over the coming weeks and months. I know that some appreciate it, but I would rather wait until the currently releasing content is altogether placed in one complete package. The other issue is the continued proliferation of amiibo content being locked out for those who didn’t pre-order these incredibly rare, ~$15 toys. Nintendo’s inability to properly supply these pieces of plastic to meet the overwhelming demand means many are locked out of content they may never get access to.

Thankfully, Splatoon does a great job with most everything else, as more than a million units sold indicates.

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