GameStop Goes Old School, Sells Retro Games


I remember back in the day, you used to be able to pick up used retro games from your local GameStop store, usually for pretty low prices. As time went on, GameStop ceased to dabble in classic consoles, selling only games as recent as one generation back. Retro games, especially popular classics, have grown increasingly harder to find, and now sell for absurdly high prices in independent stores, and online.

A few months ago, GameStop announced it would accept retro consoles and games for trade-in once again, with the intent of eventually selling old games. Today, they officially rolled out their service. Online only, you can order retro games for systems including the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation, and Sega Genesis:

Their library is pretty expansive, featuring all the big names you could expect for those systems, but at first glance it can seem pretty expensive. The first three Mario Parties are $49.99 a pop, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day is going for $79.99! In most cases, though, this is still a bargain. Rare games go for hundreds of dollars online, possibly more in independent stores, and may be difficult to find in good condition.

Still, especially in the case of the Nintendo games, it may be worth exploring remakes, or possibly Virtual Console options if you’re just out for gameplay, and not collector’s items. As tempting as Chrono Trigger is, I’ll stick to my $27.99 copy of the DS remake, rather than shelling out $79.99 for the original platform.

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