E3 2015: Strafe Live Gameplay Demo Shown


At today’s PC Gaming Show at E3 2015, we saw a live gameplay demo of Strafe, a Kickstarter shooter in the style of 90s games such as Doom. Strafe has already been funded, and is currently in pre-alpha, so there’s no telling how close what we saw today will be to the real thing, but the game definitely looks playable. We’ll post the gameplay demo as soon as it’s available.

Strafe features procedurally-generated dungeons full of enemies with different types of behavior–they won’t just run toward you rather predictably. Also demonstrated above is what happens when you run out of ammo. You can still use your gun as a melee weapon in different ways depending on the type of gun it is. Some can be used as baseball bats, others as projectiles to be tossed. You begin the game with either a machine gun, a railgun, or a shotgun and this is your based weapons, but there’s plenty of other weapons too.

Strafe is pure combat. Players jump in, shoot stuff in the face, die, and repeat. A homage to 90s PC gaming, hopefully we’ll see more from the Strafe team soon.

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