E3 2015: Starcraft II Legacy Of The Void Prologue Announced


At this year’s E3 PC Press conference, Blizzard showed off a trailer for the prologue to their long-awaited expansion to Starcraft II, Legacy Of The Void

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Legacy Of The Void will feature 20 new missions, along with new troop types, and focus on the Protoss race. While Legacy Of The Void will is an expansion to Starcraft II, it is being priced as a stand alone title, meaning you do not have to own Starcraft II to play it. Since that came out five years ago, that’s probably a good thing.

The Legacy Of The Void prologue is called Whispers Of Oblivion. It is a free download and will feature 3 missions that bridge the gap between Wings of Liberty and Legacy of the Void. Check out the trailer for Whispers Of Oblivion below:

No release date was given, but there will be a beta for Legacy of the Void sometime in July, so this will probably be out around the same time if not before. As for the full release of Legacy of the Void? Seems like we’ll be waiting a bit longer for that…

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