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E3 2015: Star Fox Zero Releases Holiday 2015


How very appropriate of Nintendo open up their E3 2015 Digital Event with puppets. After showing off ideas for Star Fox during last year’s E3, Nintendo started off with a trailer for the newest entry being co-developed with Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero.

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The most important detail to take away from the trailer? The Arwing can transform into a Walker. That’s all I’ve ever really needed in my life. Other vehicles, like the Landmaster and the new Gyrowing, are also available to pilot.

The video showed off some classic Star Fox on-rails shooter gameplay (and also some surprisingly open environments) along with a glimpse of the first-person Wii U GamePad mechanics using motion controls.

As expected, a release period was announced and the game is set to hit shelves at some point during this coming holiday season.

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