E3 2015: Shenmue 3 Is Already Funded


Mere hours after its Kickstarter was announced, Shenmue 3 has already shot past its fundraising goal of two million dollars.

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This makes Shenmue 3 the fastest Kickstater project of all time to surpass two million dollars, and given that there are still 30 days to go, it may very well more than double that number by the time all is said and done. Seeing that some of the stretch goals reach that $4 million mark, obviously this early success is a good sign of interest in the game.

Of course that still leads some questions about Shenmue 3, namely does it have an audience beyond its backers? Not that it necessarily needs it, but I’d imagine they’d like to reach an audience beyond Kickstarter to help fund future titles. Spiritual successors if not straight up sequels.

Also, Shenmue 2 was a massively expensive game, costing about $70 million dollars to make (that’s pretty expensive now for a game budget and this was 15 years ago). How do they scale that down for a reasonable budget for Shenmue 3? Will it be episodic? Will they seek additional funding through private investors or additional Kickstarters? All we know for sure is that Shenmue 3 has passed its first big hurdle to becoming a real game fans can play, which is a good indicator you’ll see it on your digital storefront sometime in the future.

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