E3 2015: No Man’s Sky To Have Simultaneous Release On PS4 and PC


In the final presentation of the night at the PC Gaming Show for E3 2015, we learned that No Man’s Sky will receive a simultaneous release on both PS4 and PC…whenever it actually is released.

We also got a new short teaser, which you can watch right here:

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated, open universe with no clear-cut objectives. You can explore, you can study the planets you find, you can fight space battles or create trade routes, and you can share the planets you find with friends online. The universe is huge, with little chance of meeting your fellow players in it easily, and the game looks absolutely beautiful. There is one goal: to reach the center of the galaxy. But there’s so much to do along the way that it make take you awhile to get there. With no two planets being alike, No Man’s Sky is sure to be a long game, with something new around every corner.

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