E3 2015: Guild Halls Bring Social Features to Guild Wars 2 Expansion


Guild halls are the new social feature coming to the Heart of Thorns expansion for Guild Wars 2. The new features look to bring guilds closer together and give players more things to do as a guild.

Game director Colin Johanson explained the reasoning behind the social addition, “guild halls is our answer to how we allow these players we’re bringing together to have a truly meaningful impact on our world, and to own a part of that world.”

Each guild hall is a map in itself, and must be conquered before ownership can be obtained. Once you own a guild hall you can build structures and decorate your new abode. Some of the buildings include a war room, arena, guild portal, and workshop.

The workshop structure adds a crafting profession, allowing players to build items within the hall for the guild to then take on adventures. The war room plays an integral part in world vs world PvP matches, letting you construct tools to aid you in the fight.

The arena lets your guild fight in a sandbox combat arena against AI, each other, or other guilds entirely. The arena can be decorated and manipulated with structures, traps, and turrets. These can be adjusted prior to a fight, or during the combat itself.

Pre-purchasing guarantees access to all beta events, and it just went live tonight.

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