E3 2015: GHTV Adds 24/7 Content To Guitar Hero Live


We’ve been given our first look at Guitar Hero Live’s new GHTV mode, which will offer a bunch of new features for the game, in the form of music video channels.

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GHTV will act as a virtual TV, featuring official music videos from hundreds of artists, spanning multiple genres.

Players will be able to play along to these tracks and switch between channels if they want to play something different. These channels will be available 24/7, and various genres will be featured at different times of the day.

In-game currency which is acquired throughout the mode, will allow players to purchase specific songs which they can play on demand. Players can bypass these limits by purchasing songs with real money if they choose to. This currency can also be used to purchase additional extras, such as custom note highways and playercards.

Hero Powers will be unlocked as players continue to level up their guitars, which will be similar to the Star Power mechanic from the previous entries in the series. It doesn’t stop there, with premium content being promised for the game in the form of new music videos and live concert footage. GHTV will also be playable in local multiplayer and online.

Guitar Hero Live is shaping up to be a very ambitious project, with a bucket load of features, a brand-new controller and a hefty list of tunes. We’ll find out how they fare later this year, when Guitar Hero Live releases on October 20th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

Check out the trailer below.

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