E3 2015: Emi Watanabe Shows Off Yarn Yoshis, Wooly World Release Date


Emi Watanabe got her own segment at Nintendo’s digital conference, and she deserved every second of it. As one of the designers of Yoshi’s Wooly World, she wasn’t a programmer or artist, but still wanted to contribute. So she went home and made a little Yoshi out of yarn, beginning what would eventually become the most adorable amiibos.

Watanabe’s segment is adorable and worth watching. It shows off a lot of her brilliant yarn work. Her colleagues loved her yarn Yoshi, and she made more prototypes. From the video, it looks like she made way more than just the Yoshi yarn amiibos. There’s a whole yarny world laid out in front of her! The development team agreed that plushie amiibo would be more appropriate for this game.

Watch Watanabe’s segment at 32:57 here:

Her segment culminated in, yes, a North American release date! The Yoshi’s Wooly World release date is October 16 of 2015. The super-cute Yoshi yarn amiibo will be released then as well, both separately and as bundles with the game. You can watch the new official trailer here:

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