E3 2015: Developers Discuss Super Mario Maker, 8-Bit Amiibo


During Nintendo’s Digital Event for E3 2015, developers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka talked about their upcoming game, Super Mario Maker, which will be released on September 11, 2015 for Nintendo Wii U. You can watch their talk at 41:11 below:

The discussion is pretty interesting, and they talk about how the tools the used to make more advanced Mario games eventually evolved into Super Mario Maker. When playing Super Mario Maker, you’re essentially using the same templates and materials that Miyamoto and Tezuka used. Cool!

Super Mario Maker is even more exciting because you can make enemies and obstacles do things that they’ve never done before in Mario games. You can stack enemies atop one another, drop Goombas in water, and control where Lakitu goes. You can also tap different amiibos into Super Mario Maker, and Mario will turn into that character when he picks up a mushroom. Wii Fit Trainer is demonstrated in the video.

They also confirmed the existance of an 8-bit Mario amiibo compatible with Super Mario Maker, plus a booklet full of sample courses. Both items are to help celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary.

Watch the official release trailer for Super Mario Maker below:

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