E3 2015: DayZ Singleplayer & Modding Confirmed


A singleplayer mode is coming to DayZ, along with new vehicles and future modding support.

At the PC Gaming Show, Project lead Brian Hicks said their feature-complete/beta target date is later this year, and they would meet it with a “three-pronged approach”. The first is DayZ singleplayer, which will allow players to play DayZ without worrying about other people killing them.

Once the game hits Beta, Bohemia Interactive also plans to release the server tools to the community, giving complete control to server owners. They also plan to support the modding community by utilizing Steam workshop, and the singleplayer mode lets mod creators test their creations before bringing them to a live server.

The newest addition coming to the game is a set of three unique vehicles, and accompanying vehicle parts. The content addition hopes to bring back the vehicle maintance and building that existed in the mod.

DayZ singleplayer gamemode is planned to release before the end of the year.
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