E3 2015: Arma 3 Expansion Brings War to Tanoa in 2016


Bohemia Interactive just revealed the upcoming Arma 3 expansion will take place in a Pacific island terrain called “Tanoa”.

The new setting of Tanoa is a collection of Pacific islands and archipelaogs spanning over 100 km2. The new theater of war. Pacific Island setting, will put a greater emphasis on water and underwater combat, but the developers say, “the core experience is the same”.

Tanoa is part of the Horizon Islands, which belonged to the Empire of Japan before its US liberation in 1944. The terrain is littered with pieces of the island’s conflicted past, such as fallen aircraft, which can be seen in the trailer. These items could be considered relics, as the game takes place almost 100 years after WWII.

From the Arma 3 website:

"“Nowadays, Tanoa thrives off rich deposits of rare earth metals exported the world over, but controversy and civil unrest have long surrounded these efforts due to the perceived social, economic and environmental impacts of their exploitation. Tanoa is also believed to be a hub of illicit trafficking in the Pacific, but no formal charges have ever been raised.In 2035, Tanoa continues to enjoy a prolonged period of apparent peace and prosperity, but the volatile geopolitical situation on the world’s stage threatens to destabilize the region, and plunge it into darkness once more.”"

The Tanoa expansion promises greater visuals and optimization in conjunction with DirectX 12, as well as offering a full content pack of weapons, vehicles, and factions. The upcoming Arma 3 expansion is slated for an early 2016 release.

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