E3 2015: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility A Go


The Xbox One is receiving a new update that will allow for gamers to play their Xbox 360 titles natively on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. The Xbox One preview members will be able to do this properly early on starting this month.

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There will be 100 titles ready this holiday. Digital Xbox 360 games you purchased will start showing up in your Xbox One library as early as this week. Physical discs will work just by putting them in the machine and making sure they play. While this is not the entire Xbox 360 library, the goal for Microsoft is to create the largest Xbox library in one place and on one system.

In a knowing blow to Sony, Microsoft made sure to come out and announce this right away. A conscious criticism of Sony for the PS4 is that it does not leverage the PS3’s library well, which had an extensive digital store and extensive sales to help you purchase those digital titles. None of those games are available to you even in PS Now for Sony’s PS4. As Microsoft said, “We won’t charge you to play the games you already own.”

Microsoft just moved a step closer to a better, a more central Xbox experience for Xbox gamers their competitors have not been willing to match.

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