E3 2015: World Of Final Fantasy Looks Cute But Trivial


In what may be the biggest troll of the conference so far, Square Enix and Sony dropped an adorable, but sort of silly Final Fantasy game on us just before the Final Fantasy VII remake reveal. World of Final Fantasy features tiny, cute versions of our favorite Final Fantasy characters from various games, plus two new protagonists. Here’s the trailer:

World of Final Fantasy is about two siblings, a brother (who looks an awful lot like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts) and sister, who explore Grimoire. It looks like changing size is a gimmick in Grimoire, and the siblings can either become small enough to ride atop the beings of Grimoire, or grow to their normal size and allow the creatures to ride on them.

World of Final Fantasy will be released for PS4 and PS Vita in 2016. The text said “play it first”, which may indicate that it will come out on other consoles too, but given Final Fantasy’s history with PlayStation, that will remain to be seen. As adorable as this title may look, it’s not likely to be the next great Final Fantasy game. It may still serve as an entertaining amusement, especially for Vita owners.

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