E3 2015: Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max Announced


It’s not all Tom Clancy game after Tom Clancy game….after Tom Clancy game for Ubisoft! Opting to go for a dark and intense route for most of the Ubisoft E3 2015 Live Conference, the makers of Trials Fusion brought home the wacky fun. Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and boy, is it ever glorious in its “majesty.” The DLC pack is to be released on July 14.

It was but a brief trailer, however Ubisoft maximized on their meme-ery without going too overboard. The slow reveal of a speeding horse turns out to be a unicorn. The rider isn’t a man, but a cat. With a golden gun! Shooting bullets in the air as meteors crash to the mountain top ridge, with a triple rainbow (all the way) cast in the sky, the unicorn breathing fire and everything getting engulfed in flame and explosions. That’s how you sell a game with a name as silly as Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max!

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There are two versions of this new Trials Fusion content. The first, for current owners, it comes in a collection of 22 new tracks. Half come from RedLynx, while the other half are community bests. 10 Supercross tracks, 30 challenges, 30 total tracks, new garage items and 130 new editing objects. The retail version is Trials Fusion packed in with all 6 Season Pass DLC packs, plus this new Awesome Level Max content, bringing over 180 total race tracks.

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