E3 2015: Survival Mode Comes To Star Wars: Battlefront


While we got to see a bunch of people playing Star Wars: Battlefront earlier in the day, Survival Mode is a new feature that was announced during the PlayStation E3 2015 Live Conference event. It came with a gameplay teaser trailer, showing off how it looks like a standard horde mode, but on crack.

Complete with reinforcements, weapon bonuses and the like, you can play the Survival Mode for Star Wars: Battlefront solo or co-op. With the likes of Admiral Ackbar and others to help you on both the light and dark sides of the coin, you and a small squad of fighters have to make it through 15 grueling waves of combatants, flying craft, weaponized machinery and more. It would have been perfect if we saw a new planet (not Tatooine again), but the clay and sand doesn’t look so coarse; it looks beautiful in gameplay action!

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What a turnaround for Sony. Not only did they grab the Call of Duty partnership, but have exclusive content from EA, the company that not too long ago gave exclusivity to Xbox for Titanfall. Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most buzzworthy titles at E3 this year (based on social media engagement), and Sony showing it off is a solid get.

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