Long has Hello Games shown off No Man's Sky content at So..."/> Long has Hello Games shown off No Man's Sky content at So..."/>

E3 2015: No Man’s Sky Shows Off Space Combat


Long has Hello Games shown off No Man’s Sky content at Sony events, but now we get to see a tiny glimpse of what people have been clamoring for; non-exploratory gameplay. It came today during the PlayStation E3 2015 Media Briefing, where we got to see a bit more of combat aspect than we had previously seen before.

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Dashing into the action from the start, we see our No Man’s Sky pilot shooting at two warring factions, right before backing out to explore the universe. Impossibly large, with constant statements that some of it may never be explored due to the scale and the procedural generation the engine brings, the action jump to a random planet on a random galaxy. Sean Murray, game director, then landed on the planet to explore, start up a beacon, shoot the environment for minerals and discover new stuff.

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