E3 2015: New Hitman Game Coming To PS4, PC


At Sony’s E3 conference this evening, a new Hitman game was revealed by Square Enix and Io Interactive. A release date has not been given, but presumably we’ll see it sometime at the end of this year, or the beginning of next. We haven’t seen any gameplay yet either, but here’s the reveal trailer:

Hitman features the return of Agent 47. From the presentation: “Gamers will travel to exotic locations around the world to take out high-profile targets as Agent 47 returns in the most ambitious Hitman ever created.” Hitman will be released for both PC and PS4, but with a PS4-exclusive beta that comes with the pre-order. There will also be six exclusive contracts that will come available throughout the year, only to PS4 users.

This new Hitman title will feature a “live, ever-expanding world that will continue to grow and deepen as time goes on.” Sounds like this means a lot of DLC, or perhaps a ton of replay value, or both. Whatever the case, it’s exciting to imagine what more details could be divulged for this entry in the Hitman series. Will we perhaps see more of it on the show floor?

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