E3 2015: New Arkham Knight Trailer


It’s almost here, but we saw an all new trailer for the latest (and possibly) last Arkham game, Arkham Knight.

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This latest Arkham Knight trailer included some shocking visuals, inclduing the cremation of the Joker (just to show he’s really dead and not coming back in this game) and a seemingly normal scene at a cafe turn into a horror show. Check out the newest trailer for Arkham Knight:

After several delays, Arkham Knight finally comes out on PS4, Xbox One & PC next week, June 23rd. The PS4 version has exclusive content that includes several skins and exclusive Scarerow-themed missions, which we may have just seen an example of the latest trailer. Arkham Knight is Rocksteady Games last entry in the Arkham trilogy (because Origins doesn’t exist) and it looks like it might be one hell of a way to cap off the series.

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