E3 2015: Missed that Intense Super Mario Maker Match?


If you missed watching the Nintendo World Championships yesterday, you missed out on something incredible, insane, and historic. You can view the entire thing below, but the party really happens when one of the contestants, Cosmo, begins the new round of the championships on Mario Maker (now revealed to be Super Mario Maker):

As you can see (and hear, from the crowd’s gasps), this version of Super Mario Bros. is not the coasting-through kind of your childhood. Poor Cosmo, who was up first and had to discover this twisted new world like an explorer finding a continent while the other contestant.

Twitter exploded while the world watched Cosmo and John Numbers go through the chaos of Super Mario Maker:

After winning a 15-second advantage in one of the rounds, John Numbers went on to beat Cosmo and claim the Nintendo World Championships victory. This was the first Nintendo World Championships held since 1990.

Were you watching the Nintendo World Championships? What was your reaction to the Super Mario Maker rounds? Let us know in the comments below.

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