E3 2015: Bethesda Shows Us Doom


Bethesda started off their show with a hot new gameplay demo of the upcoming Doom game.

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In the gameplay demo for Doom we got to see out nameless space marine shred the guts of some nasty aliens (or demons) with a wide variety of different weapons (inclduing series favorite, the chainsaw). Doom showed off some impressive lighting effects. Then our Space Marine came to a rather grisly end. Check out the video below:

Then Bethesda went on to show a sneak peak at some of Doom‘s multiplayer:

This new Doom will feature a creator mode called Snapmap, that will allow players to create their own customized levels & experiences. They stressed that Snapmap will be easy for creators of all skill levels, so ideally you won’t need to be an expert modder to make your own cool levels.

Finally, Bethesda ended the Doom showcase by showing off “Hell”, which seemed to be a subterrean level with a whole bunch of new demon baddies:

And Bethesda announced that you can expect to see Doom in the Spring of 2016.

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