E3 2015: New Transformers Game Leaked? UPDATED


Pure Xbox is reporting that a new Transformers game, called Transformers: Devastation, will be unveiled by Activision at E3.

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Not a whole lot else is known about this new Transformers video game at this point. It’s considered a “brawler”, so it won’t be like the last few Transformers games that were put out, and you can see it has a cel-shaded style to it. It’s apparently only confirmed for Xbox 360 at this point, but it’s hard to imagine that’s the only platform it’s coming out for, though it could easily be a Microsoft systems exclusive. There is also some speculation that this may be Platinum Games’ new E3 title they were planning to unveil at the show, as it certainly seems right up their alley. Obviously this is not 100% confirmed, but those screen shots look pretty legitimate, so expect to hear more about Transformers: Devastation at this year’s E3, possibly even during Microsoft’s press conference.

Update, a Best Buy listing confirms that not only that the title of this game is Transformers Devastation, but that it’s clearly a multi-platform title fro PS4, PS3, Xbox One Xbox 360 developed by Platinum Games and lists October 6th as a release date. We’ll have to see if that’s just a placeholder date.

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