Jonathan Blow: The Witness “To Be Over 70 Hours”


Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has said on Twitter that he expects his new game The Witness “to be over 70 hours” long.

Blow proclaims that the 70-hour run will include completely original content, tweeting, “This is in a game with no repetition or filler. Everything you solve is different and has its own reason for being there.”

But if you don’t have 70 hours to burn, Blow says you can still get to the end of the game without doing a completionist run. He reassures those with less free time, “If you are not a completionist, you can get to the end in much less time; it’s just that there’s tons of optional stuff.”

Announced back in 2009, Blow has been working on The Witness for nearly 6 years now. Development has tripled in size since starting. Blow has been running out of money to sustain development, having spent all of his fortune from Braid to start the project and borrowing money to continue making The Witness.

“Braid still sells well on platforms that are thriving, but two of Braid’s big platforms were the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, both of which are sunsetting at this point,” Blow told Endgadget.

As of February, The Witness has 677 puzzles—though the number has most likely skyrocketed since then.

The Witness is a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive, likely to release sometime this year. An exact date is unknown, though hopefully we’ll get a release date at Sony’s E3 conference.

(via Twitter)

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