Despite an announcement to bring back the Nintendo World Champ..."/> Despite an announcement to bring back the Nintendo World Champ..."/>

Nintendo World Championships Hosts Splatoon, Speedrunners


Despite an announcement to bring back the Nintendo World Championships some weeks ago, we didn’t quite know the details surrounding Nintendo’s E3 2015 kickoff tournament/livestreaming event. That changes today, as the Nintendo of America Youtube channel has released a mildly amusing video describing the basic layout of the tournament, half the competitors, the commentators and our mystery host.

8 of the 16 total competitors of the Nintendo World Championships are currently competing at Best Buy qualifying events around North America. They will travel to L.A. Live on Sunday, June 14th at 3 PM PT to compete against semi-pro speedrunners and gaming personalities in a series of in-game competitions across 8 old and new Nintendo games.

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Our lucky contestants will be competing against some tough competition at the Nintendo World Championships. They include Cosmo Wright, Sinister1, TheMexicanRunner, Bananas, Essentia, Trihex, Jovenshire from Smosh Games and Arin from Game Grumps. Professional shoutcaster djWHEAT will be commentating alongside Andre of Black Nerd Comedy and Justin Flynn, where the event will be hosted by former G4 personality Kevin Pereira. It’s going to be a great Sunday for those who wanted to see old G4 pundits live in action at E3 2015.

The games selection of the Nintendo World Championships remains a mystery, however we do know that Nintendo will not waste this opportunity to show off the first official Splatoon tournament. Hopefully the event will be livestreamed on Youtube optimally, as its recent 60 fps livestreaming capabilities would work well for games outputting at that higher framerate.

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