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TwitchCon 2015 To Host Darude, FGC Streamers & More


When TwitchCon 2015 was first announced earlier this year, one had to wonder exactly what kind of mood would be set from the get-go. Will it be mostly a professional setting for industry members, similar to GDC? Or will it be a more flexible mishmash of entertainment mediums like MAGfest, but with a decidedly livestream focus? The answer seems to be closer to the latter, as more information about TwitchCon 2015 announced today includes an aftershow hosted by EDM’s very own Darude.

For those who haven’t asked about the name of a song on Twitch, “Darude – Sandstorm” is typically the unhelpful answer provided by Twitch chat commentators. At TwitchCon 2015,however this will be no joke, as those who have purchased a pass to the 2-day event (and are 18+) will have exclusive access to purchase tickets to the TwitchCon after party, where Darude is the first spotlight performer to be playing music. “The Twitch community has been really passionate about my music, especially in the way they hype ‘Sandstorm’ in chat and the support they have given my Twitch channel,” said Darude. “I look forward to performing for this incredible group of gaming and music fans at TwitchCon.”

Musical geniuses aside, the main attraction to TwitchCon 2015 will be the host of Twitch streamers that fans get to interact with. There are currently about 40 panels scheduled and 50 Twitch personalities that will be in attendance, with more information about each now live on the TwitchCon website. Above is just a small sample of streamer guests, varying in games coverage from speedruns, Minecraft, Poker, fighting games and MOBA’s, among general games.

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TwitchCon 2015 will kick off on September 25-26 at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco. It’s just the first event of its kind, so it’s great to see the professional streaming community so receptive early going. When you consider it was just announced this past February (meaning some streamers would have legitimate scheduling conflicts keeping them out of the event), you can only imagine how Twitch will expand its TwitchCon reach in future events. For this water-testing debut, however, things are looking better than one might have thought.

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