Konami Proving They’re Not Mobile Only With New Yu-Gi-Oh!


Did you know that they’re still making new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards? Going strong for more than 16 years, there’s probably a great number of additional rules and card types than the last time you may have seen them played live in the wild (unless you continue to play them today, of course). The series is so resilient that the newest video game title, in a series that saw an original Game Boy entry in its debut year, will hit both PS4 and Xbox One. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist, per Gematsu, is due out this summer internationally as a $19.99 digital download.

This newest Yu-Gi-Oh! title will allow players to replay events throughout the show and trading card game’s shared timeline, dating back to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated show and manga and up to “ZEXAL.” ARC-V duels will start with a small base to be added upon as DLC later this year. Also to be added as DLC is additional decks, avatars and playable characters, with a solid 6,600+ plus card foundation to work with at launch.

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More importantly, it’s a solid attempt by Konami to show that no, they’re not strictly going to be a mobile-only games company going forward, even if it is a current-gen adaptation of their popular trading card game series. Furthermore, from the featured image it doesn’t appear as though gameplay will contain 3D models of the card monsters; just mostly displaying a very tiny version of the card on the screen with a text descriptor box underneath. At $19.99 it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but doesn’t bode well for those who are scrutinizing everything Konami does in this post-Kojima-Productions world.

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