Six Games Chosen For Inaugural Class In World Video Game Hall Of Fame


The Strong has announced the six inaugural games that will be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The Strong, subtitled as the National Museum of Play, is located in Rochester, New York and contains a vast collection of games, ancient and new. The World Video Game Hall of Fame is The Strong’s project to recognize, archive, celebrate, and provide education on great video games throughout gaming’s history. From their website:

"The World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong recognizes individual electronic games of all types—arcade, console, computer, handheld, and mobile—that have enjoyed popularity over a sustained period and have exerted influence on the video game industry or on popular culture and society in general. Inductees to first class of the World Video Game Hall of Fame will be announced at The Strong museum in Rochester, New York, in  June 2015 and will be on permanent view in the museum’s eGameRevolution exhibit."

Without further ado, the six inaugural titles are:

It’s worth reading the museum’s pages on each game, as each offers a celebratory look into what the game is, and how it has impacted gaming since its debut. The titles are overall well-selected, representing major landmarks in development and reception of games. These six were selected from fifteen finalists, including Angry Birds, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and The Sims.

The Strong will induct more video games next year, and anyone can nominate a game for inclusion, and the finalists will be selected via a committee of journalists, scholars, and those familiar with the games and their impact. You can nominate games for 2016 using this form.

It’s amazing to see steps taken toward the preservation and praise of great landmark games. We can hope that the popularity and interest in this museum and its World Video Game Hall of Fame continue to grow over time as more and more games are inducted.

h/t: NintendoFuse

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