Witcher 3 Has No Level Cap


Want to max out your abilities in Witcher 3, but worried you might reach max level and not be able to do so? Well, worry no more, as Witcher 3 has no level cap, allowing you to become a master of all of Geralt’s abilities.

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Witcher 3‘s lack of a level cap was confirmed by Community Lead Marcin Momot on Twitter. Of course, there is a slight catch to this. As massive as the world of Witcher 3 is and as loaded with sidequests, monster nests and bandit camps as it is, eventually the content will start running thin and that may be long before you are able to max everything out. Of course, you can still roam around fighting random monsters and bandits, but as fighting seems to be the slowest way to gain experience in Witcher 3, that may take quite awhile. There are also at least two pretty big expansions planned for the game that will release this year, so if you’re getting a little thin on Witcher 3 content, you may just want to take a break until those come out.

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