Destiny’s Next Big Expansion Revealed Thanks To Red Bull


Leave it to sponsorship deals to spoil everything early. Cans of Red Bull that are obviously being used as a Destiny tie-in much like Mountain Dew often is for Call of Duty or Halo have all but confirmed the title of Destiny‘s big expansion.

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Game Informer posted an image of packs of the popular energy drink Red Bull sporting Destiny marketing:

This seems to indicate the next expansion for Destiny will be titled “The Taken King”. This is not officially confirmed by Activision or Bungie yet, but considering the image and the fact that as Game Informer points out, Bungie registered a trademark for “The Taken King” in May, pretty much confirms that this is the title of the game’s next big expansion. I do remember hearing on a recent edition of the Giant Bombcast podcast that the next Destiny expansion would be pretty significant, even including a new planet. Of course beyond this title, we haven’t heard any concrete details on this expansion whatsoever, so take that with a grain of salt. But I guess look for “The Taken King” to expand your Destiny experience sometime in the coming months. It’s completely possible we’ll learn more at E3 in just 11 days.

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