Sony Planning For A PS4 1TB Hard Drive Model


We’re about halfway into the second full year of the lifetime of the PS4, and already people have been just filling up their hard drives to the brim with games. The biggest problem facing the most dedicated of platform owners is that, due to the monstrous file sizes for some of these games, they have to upgrade their internal hard drives to something bigger. Sony aims to avoid this problem for future PS4 owners by giving them more options, as an FCC filing has revealed that a PS4 1TB hard drive model is on its way to production.

Officially provided the “CUH-1215B” model name under the filing’s test report, the new system iteration was last updated and check on April 30th. Seeing how Sony’s E3 2015 PlayStation Press Conference is less than two weeks away, it would make perfect sense to officially announce the product near the end of the show. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of those “and you can buy it right now” type of reveals we’ve seen in the past.

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Seeing how the “CUH-1215A” model is the same thing but with a 500GB hard drive, I wouldn’t presume to think that we will be getting a hard iteration change in this new PS4 1TB hard drive model. What remains a mystery, however, is just how much both editions of the PS4 will cost once the announcement is officially made. With a relatively barren (as of posting) release schedule for PS4 exclusives this fall, some sort of permanent price drop might be enough to stave off a momentum shift in hardware sales for the Xbox One. Whether or not the need to do so at this point in time is up to Sony.

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