XCOM 2 Announced For This November



IGN First

this morning, 2K and Firaxis have officially announced XCOM 2 after a

teaser website

was posted last week. Sequel to XCOM, XCOM 2 takes place under the rule of a dystopian government known as Advent that supposedly makes life perfect and comfortable through genetic enhancement…though of course this perfection is a mask for deep-seated corruption. Most likely involving aliens. It is your job to fight back, tactical shooter style, against this alien-controlled government to reclaim Earth for humanity. Check out the trailer:

Actual gameplay trailers should be available in a few weeks. XCOM 2 will be available this November, but only on PC…disappointing for fans of the game on other platforms, since other iterations have appeared on PlayStation and Xbox systems too. It might be too much to hope for though that it will see release on console later, since some XCOM games have been PC-only. Hopefully, it runs well on a wide variety of systems.

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