Nintendo Direct Micro: Dr. Mario Miracle Cure Coming To 3DS


During today’s Nintendo Direct Micro, it was announced that Dr. Mario Miracle Cure would be released on Nintendo 3DS soon. Dr. Mario Miracle Cure features much of the same gameplay from the original Dr. Mario games. Using colored capsules, your goal is to bust viruses of the same color by matching four of a kind in a Tetris-style drop game. It looks like you can use the regular controls or the touch screen to move capsules around. You can play as Luigi, too, with L-shaped capsules.

The most unique aspects of this game are the Miracle Cure bar, and the online multiplayer. The Miracle Cure bar fills as you bust viruses, and once full it can be used for huge power-ups that can destroy many viruses at once through various effects. Online multiplayer is available either as a competition where each player tries to bust the most viruses, or co-op mode where two players work together. Multiplayer can also be played locally with someone who does not own the game through Direct Download.

Dr. Mario Miracle Cure is available for pre-purchase in the eShop already, and will be released on June 11 of this year.

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