10 Things We’d Like To See In WWE 2K16

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#10 – Stop Dwelling On The Past!

Rumors have suggested that WWE 2K16 will be receiving a gameplay mode centered around Stone Cold Steve Austin, presumably from his Attitude Era days. Ironic then, that I am going to discuss why 2K need to stop concentrating on the past.

WWE 13 introduced a brand new attitude era mode, focusing on multiple superstars and re-creating their heyday. It was great! It was a fun walk down memory lane, showcasing an important time period for the business. It should have stopped there.

WWE is a hotter product today than it was back in 2012 when the Attitude Era mode was introduced. 2014 saw the unstoppable rise of NXT, an unforgettable Wrestlemania, a solid year of entertaining PPV’s, and the rise of new stars, while 2015 has also seen a very strong start to the year. In my opinion, 2K should be capitalizing on the here and now, instead of looking to the past.

How about a mode centered around NXT? How about a chance to re-create Wrestlemania 30 and Daniel Bryan’s moment of glory? Either way, 2K have plenty of options at their disposal, without needing to resort to past glories once again.

So, that’s the list. 2K have plenty to work on, but hopefully last years solid base will prove to be an important step in a revitalized series. What did you think of the list, and what would you choose as your top 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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