Ultra Street Fighter IV At Evo 2015 No Longer On PS4


Sony, Other Ocean Interactive and Capcom royally screwed up the port job of Ultra Street Fighter IV to the PS4. So much so that there is an 8-frame input lag (compared to 6.4 on PS3 and 5.1 on Xbox 360), the menu systems stutter and the game has shown to be glitchy at launch, as seen below. Each company is at varying degrees of fault to blame, but it will be Sony that suffers the most from its consequences (and rightly so). Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, Evo 2015 tournament organizer, has confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be played at Evo 2015 on Xbox 360. Furthermore, even if Sony’s patch fix goes live for later this week and corrects everything, there will be “no more changes” to the platform used.

It’s a major blow to Sony, who featured the next-gen exclusivity of Ultra Street Fighter IV and next year’s Street Fighter V release as a matter of prominence for their PlayStation Experience event in December last year. Not only does it remove the viability of the platform going forward, but the development and publishing decision came under SCEA’s Third Party Production group, who outsourced development to Other Ocean Interactive. Taking just one look at their games collection (outside of #IDARB) and you start to ask why Gio Corsi et al decided to go with them in their ostensibly important project over much more capable development-porting studios.

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Furthermore, with Mr. Wizard making this statement about the Xbox 360 version now before Sony’s patch can even go live says a lot about just how much of a screw up Ultra Street Fighter IV is on PS4 right now. We are 47 days away from Evo 2015 kicking off, and because players have to practice with the platform, possibly buy arcade sticks and compete in lead-up tournaments, even a 40-days-until announcement would be too late or unfair for competitors. They’re not willing to give Sony the benefit of the doubt because they haven’t earned it yet in the eyes of the Fighting Game Community (FGC). This early misstep is going to take time for Sony to recover from.

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