Unless you own a Nintendo 3DS explicitly imported from Japan, ..."/> Unless you own a Nintendo 3DS explicitly imported from Japan, ..."/>

Monster Hunter X Announced For Japanese Nintendo 3DS


Unless you own a Nintendo 3DS explicitly imported from Japan, or live in Japan itself, today’s announcement of Monster Hunter X is going to make the wait that much more excruciating. (thanks, region lock!) During today’s super-early Nintendo Direct in Japan (7 PM local time), Capcom announced the newest title in the action-crafting series, while releasing a trailer alongside it.

The “X,” or “Cross,” in the Monster Hunter X title stands for the 4 different monster types available in the new game, 4 different play styles, 4 villages and more, according to a game producer over in Japan. From personal experience playing just Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, there is a mix of staples like specific stages, monsters and weapons that have made appearances in previous titles, alongside new villages, armor setups and combos from weapons I’ve never seen before. Plus, there are a ton of cats doing cat-like things, including standing on barrels, cooking food and meowing incessantly. Business as usual!

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Seeing how it looks like an expanded-upon Monster Hunter 4, built with the same game engine, and considering the success of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in North America, I’d be quite surprised if Monster Hunter X didn’t make it over to the West sometime in the future. The game is supposed to launch sometime this year over in Japan, making a possible localization release a probable 2016 release. For now, this gameplay footage trailer is the best we can work with. Hopefully, we will more preview content come out before September’s Tokyo Game Show.

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