Until Dawn, the choose-your-own horror adventure game from Sup..."/> Until Dawn, the choose-your-own horror adventure game from Sup..."/>

Wintery Horror Game, Until Dawn, Comes Out This August


Until Dawn, the choose-your-own horror adventure game from Supermassive Games, now has a release date. You can expect to hang out in a wintery teen romp from hell during the dog days of summer, as it was announced on the PlayStation Blog that the PS4 exclusive will be released on August 25th. To set the mood for the months ahead, Sony has released a new trailer, revealing that everyone’s favorite scary guy stand-in will be joining the game’s cast.

Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Fargo, Arach Jalaal in Destiny) will be injected into the story of Until Dawn, although his exact role is unknown at this time. All we can see from the trailer is that he’s the only one in his 60’s near a group of 8 young adults hanging out in a romantic getaway, so take what you will from that knowledge. Also, near the end of the trailer, we see a butterfly with several connected weaves of lines along its wings, stating that your decisions affect who survives the night. It suggests dozens of possible endings and branches along the story, depending on who you want to save or care for throughout the game’s events.

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Pre-ordering Until Dawn will net players with an exclusive bonus scene that includes characters Matt and Emily alone along the mountainside. That is, they think they’re alone. Seeing how this is a PS4 exclusive, I’m not quite sure why locking out gameplay content is necessarily a smart move for Sony. Adventure-horror is a decidedly niche genre, and from what we’ve seen so far it looks to use player agency in a storytelling fashion that David Cage wishes he was talented enough to achieve. That’s why it’s better for as many people to get a taste of what it does different, as opposed to rewarding only early adopters.

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