NBA 2K16 Release Date Comes A Month Before The Season


It seems like 2K sports will be pushing out their annual NBA title a bit earlier this year than we’ve seen before. So early, that it will come out roughly a month before the actual real-life 2016 NBA regular season starts! That’s right, 2K has announced in a press release that NBA 2K16 will be released on September 29th. Furthermore, those that pre-order the title will receive their copy four days early, on Friday, September 25th.

Continuing a trend of “pre-order to get the game days in advance,” NBA 2K16 will offer some in-game bonuses for what they are dubbing “Early Tip-Off Weekend.” First, players will receive 10,000 in Virtual Currency, giving you the first taste for free before you hopefully come back for more. They’re also offering a MyTeam VIP Package, which has different tiers for different platforms. 3 MyTeam Emerald Packs (guaranteeing an Emerald player) will be offered for those who pick up the current-gen and PC versions, while last-gen will get a MyTeam Gold Booster Pack with a guaranteed Gold Player and 4 gold items.

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We still don’t know for sure who’s on the cover of NBA 2K16, but seeing how this official information from 2K contradicts the supposed leak weeks ago, it’s safe to say that all expectations should be tempered. Seeing how the game will be on last-gen consoles, one has to wonder when the final year of this practice will be for 2K Sports. The NBA 2K series has looked great, visually, in its early going, but taking time away from development on current-gen platforms might continue the series’ online problems that they’ve been experiencing since the jump to PS4 and Xbox One.

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